Phase II Stormwater

In 2009 SCPH started contracting with the communities of Summit County to conduct the EPA required dry weather screenings for the Phase II Stormwater Management Program. Dry weather screening is performed when there has been at least forty-eight (48) hours without rainfall. During this time, outfalls are screened and determined whether to be flowing or not. An outfall is any point where a conveyance of a storm water system discharges into streams, lakes, and wetlands. If the outfall is found flowing, it will be sampled and taken to an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved lab for analysis. The lab analyzes the sample for presence of fecal coliform. A nuisance is declared if the outfall is flowing during dry weather screening and a water sample taken indicates fecal coliform is present in the amount of 5,000 colonies per 100ml or greater. When a nuisance is identified, further investigation of the area is performed to identify the source(s) of the nuisance. This includes inspection of septic systems in the general vicinity.

SCPH screened over 2,500 outfalls between 2009 and 2013, taking approximately 450 water samples. In total, 76 stormwater nuisances were identified throughout the county and investigations were performed in order to identify sources of these nuisances.

A new 5-year screening and sampling cycle of began in 2014. SCPH will screen and sample all identified outfalls in contracted communities throughout Summit County during dry weather during this cycle.

Communities with a Stormwater Contract for 2014-2019

City of Barberton
Bath Township
Boston Township
Village of Boston Heights
Village of Clinton
Copley Township
Coventry Township
City of Green
City of Hudson
Village of Lakemore
City of Mogadore
City of Munroe Falls
City of New FranklinNorthfield Center Township
Village of Northfield
City of Norton
Village of Reminderville
Richfield Township
Village of Richfield
Sagamore Hills Township
Village of Silver Lake
Springfield Township
Summit County Metroparks
City of Tallmadge
Twinsburg Township

For more information regarding Phase II Stormwater management, please call 330-926-5600.