PWS Contractors

All companies or self-employed individuals not employed by a company, in the business of constructing, developing, installing, disinfecting, treating, inspecting, abandoning, servicing or altering all or any part of a private water system (PWS), as defined in the Ohio Administrative Code Rule 3701-28-01(QQQ), must annually register with the Ohio Department of Health.

For more information on PWS Registration, visit ODH’s Contractor Registration Page. Click here for information on CEU Opportunities. 

It is required that well logs, completion forms, and sealing reports be submitted within 30 days of the completion of the work. For the most current forms, visit ODH’s Forms for Contractors Page.

Emergency Construction Emergency work may be started prior to obtaining a permit IF the contractor notifies SCPH the next business day AND the permit is applied for within three working days. An emergency means that the PWS does not produce an adequate amount of potable water which poses an immediate threat to health and safety.

Private Water System Regulations 

Point of Sale (POS) Inspections Contractors that evaluate PWS for a point of sale must be registered with ODH as a PWS Contractor. The report must be submitted using the link below or dropped off/mailed in to our office. The review fee must be paid prior to the review. The review fee is $45/inspection. 

Submit a Private Point of Sale Inspection

Private Point of Sale Inspection Report

Click here to request a property record.