Recovery Friendly Resources

Take a Mental Health Screening

Online screening is one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition. Mental health conditions, such as addiction, depression or anxiety, are real, common and treatable. And recovery is possible.

Recovery in the Workplace:

BWC - Substance Use Recovery & Workplace Program

BWC - Drug-Free Safety Program

US Dept. of Labor - Recovery-Ready Workplace Resource Hub

Recovery Friendly Workplace Toolkit

NIH - Initiatives to Prevent Opioid Misuse & Promote RFW Programs

Structuring a Health Benefits Package That Is Sensitive to Substance Misuse Issues

SAMHSA - Drug Free Workplace

CDC - Workplace Supported Recovery Program

NIH - Opioids & Substance Use: Workplace Prevention & Response

#StopTheStigma - Supportive Supervisors

National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance

SAMHSA - EAP: Prescription Drug Toolkit and Fact Sheets

Working Partners - What's a Recovery Supportive Workplace

NSC - Asking for Help at Work

Reality Check - Addressing the Impacts of Substance Use on Your Employees

OH Dept. of Insurance - Mental Health in the Workplace-Employer Toolkit

Recovery Ohio - Insurance Resources for Mental health and Substance Use

SAMSHA - Workplace Prevention Basics

National Drug & Alcohol Screening Association


Substance Misuse in the Workplace:

National Safety Council - Substance Use Employer Cost Calculator

National Safety Council - Drugs at Work: What Employers Need to Know

National Safety Council - Save Lives by Addressing Impairment

National Safety Council - Addressing Employee Mental Health and Distress

OH Chamber of Commerce - Opioid Epidemic is Impacting OH Businesses

Drug Free America - The Impact of Drugs in the Workplace


Info on Addiction, Substances, and Mental Health:

SCPH - The Opiate Epidemic

Partnership to End Addiction - Is Addiction a Disease?

SAMHSA - Facing Addiction in America

Opioids - Fact Sheet

Ted Talk - Addiction 101

National Harm Reduction Coalition - Fentanyl



Project Dawn - Naloxone Training Video

OH Dept. of Health - How to Administer Naloxone

Ohio Dept. of Health - OH Against Overdose

SCPH - Project Dawn: FAQ & Mail Order Narcan

Recovery Ohio - Naloxone Resources

ADF - Naloxone Facts

NIH - Naloxone Drug Facts

Good Samaritan Law


Resources for Addiction/Mental Health:

Summit County ADM - Find Help


988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

OH Mental Health & Addiction Services - Recovery Housing Locator

SAMHSA - Resources for Families Coping with Mental and Substance Use Disorders



ShatterProof - Change Your Language

NIDAMED- Words Matter

NSC - Understanding Stigma

RFW NH - Positive Language Guidelines

NIH - Stigma & Discrimination

Yale - How Do You Talk About Addiction?

Ted Talk - Why the Workforce Needs Recovering Addicts



Recovery Ohio - Recovery Friendly Employer Trainings

OH Chamber of Commerce - Opioid Toolkit

Drug Free America - Webinar: Substance Use Prevention in the Workplace and its Role in the Community

Drug Free America - Webinar: Recovery and the Workplace

Drug Free America - Webinar: Recovery Ready Workplaces



How to Make Your Holiday Party Recovery Friendly