Private Water System

Private water systems (PWS) are water wells, springs, ponds, hauled water storage tanks, and cisterns. SCPH ensures that water safety is maintained through the verification of PWS contractor registration, inspections, water sampling for lab analysis, technical assistance, public education, and annual water hauler inspections. Staff ensure that work performed on a PWS meets state code requirements to reduce the possibilities of groundwater contamination.

Drill, Alter, or Seal a PWS To drill, alter, or seal a PWS, a permit must be obtained through SCPH and the work must be completed by a registered PWS contractor. Click here for a list of registered contractors. 

Water Sampling SCPH offers collection and analysis of drinking water. Please visit the Residential Water Testing page.

City Water Connections To find out if city water is available at your property, contact the public water supplier that services your area to check for availability and tap in fees.

Once a property is connected to city water, one of the following must be done with the existing PWS:

  • Seal/Abandon: PWS must be properly sealed by a PWS contractor under a sealing¬† permit.
  • Keep PWS: PWS can be used for irrigation, but must be brought up to code by a PWS contractor under an alteration permit.