Do Not Spray Request Form

Summit County Public Health (SCPH) maintains a Do Not Spray registry of residents who do not want to have their property treated for adult mosquitoes through the use of truck-mounted spraying on public roadways and alleys. SCPH will make a good faith effort to shut off truck-mounted spraying equipment within approximately 150 feet of a registered property. This request is in no way a legal binding document so it is still the property’s owner's responsibility to take precautions if spraying will be done in your area such as but not limited to; bringing pets indoors, covering beehives, closing windows, etc. This registry will be rendered inactive if the Health Commissioner declares a public health emergency where treatment is indicated. In the event of a public health emergency, SCPH will attempt to contact members of the registry prior to treatment of their property. We post maps of our scheduled spray areas on our website here.

Please complete the fields below. Submission of this request means you will be put on the registry; however it will take SCPH time to add your property to the No Spray map that is used as a reference for when the truck-mounted sprayer needs to be turned off during the treatment of adult mosquitoes. This request will remain in effect until you wish to be removed. If at any time you would like to remove your property from the Do Not Spray registry please contact us at 330-926-5669. This request for exemption from adult mosquito control is considered public information, and we are required to provide this information to any requesting party.


**If the property is in the City of Barberton, the City of Norton or City of Fairlawn do not submit your request here.​​​​** 
Please contact the Barberton Norton Mosquito Abatement District at (330) 848-2623,   or City of Fairlawn at (330)-668-9550.

By re-entering my name and clicking the 'Submit' button, I hereby consent that I am the owner or a resident of the property address listed above. I understand SCPH may follow-up with me if further information is needed in regards to this request. *