Information on Disinfecting Flooded Water Wells

Water Quality Services

The Water Quality program works to ensure that ground and surface water are safe from potential sources of contamination by enforcing the state of Ohio Sewage Treatment System (STS) and Private Water System (PWS) rules.  Program staff are responsible for the permitting and inspection of STS systems for residential homes, certain smaller commercial properties, and PWS sources such as water wells and cisterns. 

To complement the state rules and reduce the sources of contamination to waters of the state, Summit County Public Health has also developed additional programs and services to assist and strengthen that mission.  The local programs include:

  • A point of sale (POS)  program for the inspection of STS and PWS for residential homes prior to transfer
  • A program that provides for the consultation and approval of staff prior to the issuance of building and zoning permits for projects that have the potential to affect the STS and/or PWS on site
  • An operation permit program that tracks the operation of STS to reduce the risk of premature failure of the system due to a lack of maintenance
  • Compliance inspections  for commercial septic systems also called “semi-public systems”
  • Stormwater screening and sampling to identify potential nuisance