Healthy Families America

Help Me Grow is a free home visiting program that supports early prenatal and well-baby care, as well as parenting education to promote comprehensive health and development of children. SCPH is proud to offer Healthy Families America (HFA) as one of Ohio's free Help Me Grow Programs.

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HFA is designed for parents facing challenges such as single parenthood, low income, childhood history of abuse or other adverse child experiences; and current or previous issues related to substance misuse, mental health issues, and/or domestic violence.

HFA program goals:

  • reduce child maltreatment;
  • improve parent-child interactions and children’s social-emotional well-being;
  • increase school readiness;
  • promote child physical health and development;
  • promote positive parenting;
  • promote family self-sufficiency;
  • increase access to primary care medical services and community services; and
  • decrease child injuries and emergency department use.


  • prenatal or baby less than 3 months old
  • must meet income requirements (<200% FPL, eligible for WIC or Medicaid)


Families are enrolled prenatally or within 3 months of birth and may continue in the program until their child turns 3 years old. Visits are typically once a week for the first six months then visit frequency changes based on the family's needs and progress over time. Visits typically last one hour.

Contact Central Intake 330-616-332 or enroll online


Program Manager:  Rachel Flossie, RN
330-926-5732  or