Summit Food Coalition

More than a decade ago, a group of citizens united by a passion for local food came together to form the Summit Food Coalition. This group has championed the existing local food economy and worked to protect and expand these efforts with legislative and policy changes plus relevant events and programs. As a coalition of the people, by the people, and for the people, the Summit Food Coalition reflects the energy and engagement of its constituents.   A recent change in leadership prompted the Advisory Committee to engage in strategic planning for the future of the Coalition. During this period, we welcome your input on the future of the local food economy in Summit County and we will continue to lift up the valuable work that farmers, entrepreneurs, educators, and citizens are doing to promote access to local food in our neighborhoods.   While the Advisory Committee plans for the future of the Summit Food Coalition, partner organizations will manage the Local Food Delivery Program and Neighborfood Community Garden Grant Program.

The Summit Food Coalition is an alliance of people and organizations committed to building a just, sustainable, and vibrant local food system.

The work of the coalition finds focus in four different areas:

  • Access -¬†Build a system that provides year-round, affordable, nutritious food accessible to every resident
  • Education - Create a culture of healthy eating
  • Food Economy - Develop a network of local food entrepreneurs
  • Policy - Recommend policies that support access to healthy local food, sustainable land use, and neighborhood and economic development