Solid and Infectious Waste Inspections

As an Ohio EPA-approved health district, SCPH performs inspections of solid waste landfills, construction and demolition debris landfills, composting facilities, scrap tire facilities and generators of infectious waste.

SCPH also investigates solid waste complaints involving illegal open dumping of solid waste, construction and demolition debris and scrap tires.

In addition, SCPH tracks and inspects projects involving clean hard fill for grading or filling. Please see the brochure "Disposal of Construction and Demolition Debris" on this page for rules regarding fill projects.


In addition to solid waste inspections, SCPH has established the D.U.M.P (Dispose of Unused Medications Properly) program in Summit County.  The improper disposal of medications is a growing concern which can lead to environmental problems and contribute to prescription drug abuse, especially among teens and young adults.  The D.U.M.P. program is designed to provide Summit County residents with a safe and easy option for disposing of unwanted medications. 

SCPH has also implemented a Sharps Disposal program for residents in Summit County to safely collect and dispose of used and unwanted sharps.  Sharps by definition are used medical needles and other sharp medical instruments, such as IV catheters or needle/syringe units.  

For more information on either of these programs, please see the links on this page or call 330-926-5600.