Community Gardens

Community gardens provide fresh produce and contribute to a sense of community and connection to the environment. Summit County Public Health partners with Let’s Grow Akron (LGA) to expand community gardens throughout Summit County especially in locations that are deemed food deserts. Food deserts consist of areas where fresh vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods are sparse due to lack of farmers markets, grocery stores and other retail establishments that can provide these foods to residents.


Let's Grow Akron is a non-profit organization that creates and supports community food gardens and beautification sites in neighborhoods with limited access to fresh food and green space. Let's Grow Akron has a history of community gardening, increasing food access, and providing technical assistance in methods of using urban lands for food production since 1988. Educational programs empower people to grow their own food, prepare healthy meals from the harvest, preserve the surplus and ultimately increase food security. Looking for a community garden in Summit County?

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The Van Buren Homes Community Garden will be expanding in Barberton. Check back later for photos of our progress. Work is underway at the St. Paul's Community Garden. The Let's Grow Akron team worked with the community to clear brush and debris from the back fence line and prepare the garden for tilling.