If you attended a recent pop-up test event at SCPH and have lost your instructions on how to get your results, click here for a copy!


Community Testing Options

These are the currently available, community testing sites in Summit County Ohio. These will be updated as additional options become available. The list is a combination of private companies offering testing and Community Health Centers. For details about each locations’ testing practices, to get a test referral or schedule an appointment, please go to the appropriate retailers’ website (listed below).

Please call the Community Health Centers in advance to locate the closest testing center. Find the closest Community Health Center near you.

CVS Pharmacy Learn more about locations, criteria, and scheduling an appointment by clicking here.

Rite AidLearn more about locations, criteria, and scheduling an appointment by clicking here.

Klein's Pharmacy: Learn more abou this testing options by clicking here.


What to do AFTER Getting Tested

I've taken the COVID-19 test. What's next?

Contact Tracing - Answer the Call!


The different types of testing availabe can be confusing. Click to learn more about the Types of Testing.

A partnership between the state of Ohio, Thermo Fisher, and ROE Dental Scientific will allow for a steady supply of testing reagent and swabs. With Ohio's new increased testing capacity, Ohio will prioritize testing in the following categories: 

Testing is only one component of Ohio’s response to COVID-19. The role of testing is to quickly identify individuals infected with COVID-19, promptly isolate them, and trace and quarantine any contacts to minimize spread of the virus to others. Testing does not change treatment in any way, nor does it replace comprehensive infection control and prevention activities.