Neighborhood Navigators

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Responsible for identifying and connecting high-priority pregnant women to comprehensive supportive care and other needed services through community outreach. Navigators engage with women and establish short-term relationships at community-based events, in-person meetings, via phone, text, email, and mail. The Navigators facilitate access to services as acting liaisons between health and social services and the community by developing and maintaining a portfolio of resources. This portfolio can consist of: diapers, baby Items, food, clothing, injury prevention & safe sleep, head start or early head start, housing resources , counseling and employment connections.

Late? Don't wait. Pregnant? Think you may be pregnant? A community navigator is ready to support you through your journey and link you to resources like: free crib and baby items; smoking cessation, prenatal care, home visiting programs, nutrition and food assistance, housing and utility support. Contact us today- 330-926-5700   Picture of pregnant woman gently holding her belly.Image of 2 different smiling workers.













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