In order to sell food in the state of Ohio the business must meet the requirements as described in OAC 3717-1, OAC 901:3-4, OAC 3701-21, and ORC 3717.  Licenses and/or registrations are issued by Summit County Public Health (SCPH) and/or Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA).  Food safety training requirements and approval is regulated by Ohio Department of Health (ODH).

Note: SCPH personnel will make all attempts to accommodate your timeline for the pre-licensing inspection. If you have any questions regarding  licensing, please contact the Food Safety Program at (330) 926-5600

Food Service Operations/Retail Food Establishments

Food Service Operations (restaurants, bars, daycare centers, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.). Retail Food Establishments (grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, pizza shops).

For facilities undergoing plan review due to new construction or significant alteration please submit all required plan review materials to us at least 60 days in advance of your target completion date to ensure timely review. 

For businesses undergoing a change in ownership but not making alterations to the existing facility please contact us at least 10 business days in advance of your target opening date to schedule an inspection with the area inspector and obtain a new food license.   A new owner application, which can be obtained from the area inspector, will need to be completed and submitted prior to licensing.  Planning ahead helps avoid scheduling conflicts and allows time for re- inspections, if necessary.

Mobile Food Service Operation

A food service operation that is operated from a movable vehicle, portable structure, or watercraft and that routinely changes location.


Other Licensing Forms, Applications & Resources

Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA)

Division of Food Safety
(614) 728-6250

Ohio Department of Health (ODH)

Food Safety Program
(614) 644-7416