Food Service Operation & Retail Food Establishment Licensing

All food business in Summit County are required by Ohio law to have a food service operation or retail food establishment license issued by Summit County Public Health (SCPH). All new food service operations/ retail food establishments and those performing extensive alterations or remodeling must complete the plan review process.

If you have any questions regarding plan approval or licensing, please contact the Food Safety Program at (330) 926-5600.

SCPH Food Safety Program Plan Review Submittal requirements & Application



Getting Started

Step 1: Submittal of Plans (application should be submitted at least 30 days prior to construction)

  • Complete the above Food Safety Program Plan Review Application.
  • Submit one (1) complete set of drawings and other applicable information for the facility.
  • Submit menu or complete list of food and beverage items to be sold.
  • Submit the plan review fee of $375.00 made payable to Summit County Combined General Health District.

Step 2: Plan Review Process

  • Written approval, disapproval, or a request for additional information will occur within 30 days of receipt of the application and plan review fee.
  • Plan review submittals not acted upon expire two (2) years upon receipt.

Step 3: Construction

  • Ensure that all contractors and subcontractors are properly licensed.
  • Ensure that your contractors obtain all of the necessary permits through the Building Standards Department in your jurisdiction.
  • Contact your local Fire Department for inspection of your facility.

Step 4: Inspection

  • Prior to opening your establishment, you must pass a pre-licensing inspection by SCPH.
  • The license will not be issued until the facility meets all of the applicable code requirements at the time of the pre-licensing inspection.
  • You must submit written documentation that all of the building and/or fire inspections have been completed and passed before a license will be issued.
  • The application for the license will be made available at the pre-licensing inspection if the inspection is successfully passed. The license fee must be paid at this time. SCPH accepts checks or money orders.

Note: SCPH personnel will make all attempts to accommodate your timeline for the pre-licensing inspection. Please contact us at least 10 business days in advance of your target opening date to schedule this inspection. Planning ahead helps avoid scheduling conflicts and allows time for re- inspections, if necessary.


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