Report a Communicable Disease

To report a communicable disease

Call (330) 375-2662 or

FAX us on our confidential FAX at 330-752-7157.

To Report COVID-19 Click Here  *******Attention******This link shut down on 1/15/23***** On April 4th 2022 the Ohio Department of Health established mandatory guidance for electronic submission of COVID-19 testing results. This guidance includes any facilities using any CLIA waived point of care testing.  If you have not established one of the electronic reporting methods above you need to immediately start the process with the instruction found here. 

To Report Monkeypox Click Here

Please utilize the following reporting forms:


Download the form




According to the Ohio Administrative Code, section 3701-3, all laboratories are required to report all positive lab results. Physicians, and other health professionals, are required to report all positive and suspected cases. Reports are made to the local health district where the patient lives.  All information reported is kept confidential.