Active Transportation Action Plan



Active Transportation planning is the development of a transportation system with numerous travelchoices inclusive of all ages and abilities while also preserving environmental quality and open space. Arobust active transportation system that improves public health outcomes promotes walkability, bicycletransit, thoughtful parking and curb space management, synergy with public transit, and appropriatetraffic adjustments (i.e. traffic calming). A comprehensive multimodal plan is a cost effective way toenhance a city’s sustainability, increase physical activity, and ameliorate the economic needs of itsresidents.

Fulfilling active transportation objectives includes developing strategies to engage communities,advocating for active transportation policies, researching geographic and existing infrastructurecircumstances, performing informed design of systems and facilities, addressing barriers toimplementation and usage of active transportation recommendations, and evaluating the outcomes forbetter infrastructure improvements in the future.

This report details the research, recommendations, and development of resources for a healthy builtenvironment promoting opportunities for active transportation and physical activity

Ohio Active Transportation Plan

The Ohio Active Transportation Plan outlines statewide priorities related to increasing access to safe, active transportation in Ohio which includes walking, biking, and taking the bus. The goals of the plan are to reduce injury and fatality and to increase the number of Ohioans choosing to walk, bike, and take the bus.