Environmental Health Codes

EHC = Environmental Health Code, Summit County Public Health
OAC = Ohio Administrative Code (Ohio Rules)
ORC = Ohio Revised Code (Ohio Law)

Administration Code:
EHC 210           General Provisions 
EHC 220           Fees

Private Water Supply Code:
OAC 3701-28     Private Water Supply

Sewage Treatment Systems and Grey Water Recycling Codes:
OAC 3701-29     Sewage Treatment Systems          
EHC 800            SCPH Supplemental Sewage Treatment Systems Code to OAC 3701-29

Solid, Infectious and Construction and Demolition Debris Codes:  
OAC 3745-27     Solid and Infectious Waste Regulations     
OAC 3745-29     Industrial Solid Waste Landfills
OAC 3745-30     Residual Solid Waste Landfills
OAC 3745-37     Solid Waste, Infectious Waste Treatment and Construction and Demolition Debris Facility Licenses
OAC 3745-400   Construction and Demolition Debris
OAC 3745-500   Multi-program General Administration
OAC 3745-501    Multi-program Licensing
OAC 3745-503   Multi-program Financial Assurance
OAC 3745-560   Composting Program (commercial, not back yard)
ORC 3734           Solid and Infectious Waste
ORC 3714           Construction and Demolition Debris

Storm Water Codes:
EHC 1250          Illicit Discharge and Illegal Connection Control

General Nuisance and Animal Codes:
EHC 1220            Animal and Refuse Nuisances
EHC 1230            Rabies Control
OAC 3701-3-28  Report of bite of dog or other mammal
OAC 3701-3-29  Biting animal to be confined; veterinarian to report
OAC 3701-3-30  Report of suspected rabid mammal
EHC 1240            Aviaries

Food Safety Codes:
ORC 3717          Retail Food Establishments: Food Service Operations 
OAC 901:3-6     Farm Markets, Farmers’ Market and Auctions 
OAC 901:3-4     Retail Food Establishment Licensing 
OAC 3717-1       Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code 
OAC 3701-21     Food Service Operations

Dwelling Unit Codes:
EHC 1620         Hotels/Motels
EHC 1640         Housing Definitions
EHC 1644         Housing Enforcement
EHC 1648         Housing Inspections
EHC 1652         Housing Responsibilities
EHC 1656         Housing Equipment and Facility Standards
EHC 1660         Housing Lighting and Ventilation Standards
EHC 1664         Housing Thermal Standards
EHC 1668         Housing Maintenance
EHC 1672         Housing Density
EHC 1676         Housing Rooming Units
EHC 1680         Point of Sale Inspections 

Recreation Program Codes:
EHC 1810           Resident and Day Camps
OAC 3701-25     Resident Camps
OAC 3701-31      Public Swimming Pool, Spa, and special Use Pool Rules 
ORC 3749           Swimming Pools 
OAC 3701-26     Recreational Vehicle Parks, Combined Park Camps, and Temporary Park-Camps 
EHC 1840           Public Bathing Places (beaches)   
ORC 3729           Recreational Vehicle Parks, Recreation Camps, Combined and Temporary Park-Camps

Air Pollution Control Codes:
EHC 2010           Akron Air Pollution Control Regulations  

Ohio EPA air pollution regulations are located in the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) in Chapters 3745, sections 14-26, 31, 71-80, 100-105, 108, 109, 112-114.

For a PDF document of the complete Air Pollution Control Regulations, please click here.

Other State and Local Regulations:
OAC 3701-33     Agricultural Labor Camps
OAC 3701-34     Asbestos Hazard Abatement Contractors, Specialists & Other Professionals 
OAC 3709-9      Body Art (Tattoo and Body Piercing)
ORC 3730          Tattooing or Body Piercing Services 
OAC 3701-52     Smoke-free Workplace 
ORC 3794          Smoking Ban
EHC 2250          Tobacco Products and Sales

Plumbing Code:
The SCPH plumbing inspection program transferred to the Summit County Department of Building Standards in 2000.  Plumbing permits are either issued by this department or by your community building department.  You may check the following link to determine which building department to consult:
https://co.summitoh.net/index.php/departments/community-a-economic-development/building-standards/adopted-codes-a-jurisdictions; select “Jurisdiction”