How do I...

  • Install a new or replacement sewage treatment system (STS)?
    The first step to replacing an STS is having a Site and Soil Evaluation (SSE) completed. This will determine the location and type of system that can be installed. Once the SSE is complete, you can start working with a contractor to get the system installed. Visit the New or Replacement STS Page
  • Build an addition on my house?
    SCPH will complete a Building and Zoning Evaluation for the proposed project. This inspection evaluates if the current system is working and verifies that the proposed project will not affect the existing system or disturb any potential replacement areas. Visit the Building and Zoning Page.
  • Sell my house?
    All homes that have an STS and/or a private water system (PWS), must have a point of sale inspection completed prior to property transfer. Visit the Point of Sale page.
  • Split a parcel/ lot?
    SCPH will complete a Lot Split Evaluation to verify that the proposed and existing lots will be able to support an STS. Visit the Lot Split Page
  • Drill, alter, or seal my well?
    A well needs to be sealed under a permit issued by SCPH and a registered contractor must complete the work. Contact a registered PWS contractor to complete the work. A list can be found here.
  • Keep my old well if I connect to city water?
    You can keep your existing well for irrigation and other non-drinking water sources, however a contractor will need to verify that the well is in compliance with current regulations and request an alteration permit to disconnect from the house. You can find a list of registered contractors here.
  • Connect to sewer?
    Contact the local authority that provides sewer services to your property. They will be able to tell you where the sewer lines are located, if they are accessible, and the cost of connecting. Once your property is connected to sewer, it is required that your existing STS be properly abandoned. Visit the STS Page.
  • Get funding to replace my STS?
    Financial assistance is available through the Department of Economic Development. The funding is available for failing STS and is based on income. For more information, please call 330.643.8013.