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Exciting new changes for MowGREENER in 2024!

Read on to find out how to get a Visa® rebate gift card for making the switch to battery or electric powered lawn care equipment.

Battery OR Electric Powered Lawn Care Equipment is Easier on the Air You Breathe!  

Please note this is a REBATE style program. You will qualify for the rebate(s) selected after purchasing the new equipment (and scrapping old lawn mower if applicable).

 Swap your Mower. Take your old mower to the scrap yard, send us a copy of receipts for the scrapping & the new electric mower...and receive $100 gift card on us!


 Ready for More? If you have more than grass that needs wrangled, we'll give you a $25 rebate per electric item you buy. (Limit 4.)


Who Can Participate?

  • Participants MUST reside in our service area: Medina, Summit or Portage County. (For a list of other counties with similar programs click here.)
  • Households only...Lawn maintenance companies are not eligible to participate.
  • Spaces are limited andreserved on a first come, first served basis.
    • If needed, we will establish a waitlist.
  • Participants MUST register and be confirmed to be eligible for the rebate.
  • Employees of ARAQMD and our partner agencies are not eligible to participate.
  • *Previous MowGREENER participants are only eligible for rebates on accessories. Only one rebate per household for a lawn mower.*

Why Switch To Electric Powered Lawn Care Equipment?

  • Cleaner running.
  • Light weight & easy to start.
  • No more gas, oil or spark plugs!
  • We'll give registered participants - who submit all necessary documentation – a rebate in the form of a Visa® gift card.
  • Read this article to see just how polluting gasoline powered lawn and garden equipment is!

How do I Participate in this REBATE Program? 


    • Or you may call 330-812-3877 to register.
  2. Wait until you receive our confirmation EMAIL before you do anything else! (Please keep an eye on your email as this is our primary means of communicating with you.)
  3. Once you have confirmation:
    • Buy your brand new, battery-powered or electric lawnmower or lawn care equipment from the store of your choice.
    • If getting a rebate for your mower: Scrap your old gas-powered mower at the scrap facility of your choice. *Ask the scrap facility to mark on your receipt that you scrapped a lawnmower.
  4. Submit a copy of your receipt(s). Scrap receipt for the mower is required for the $100 rebate. 
    *IMPORTANT to NOTE - Receipts must be dated in 2024. Your rebate will be based on the items documented by your receipts and may differ from your original confirmation.
    • Send a pic or screenshot of the receipts to
    • Copy of receipts can also be mailed to: Akron Regional Air Quality, 1867 W Market Street attn: MowGREENER, Akron OH 44313
    • Schedule a time to pick up your gift card. Click link for list of available dates. You may schedule by phone at 330-812-3877 or by replying to program emails, or emailing
    • Enjoy a cleaner, quieter lawn care experience AND spending that rebate!

When is This Happening?

  • Registration starts April 01, 2024 @ 8:00 am.        
  • Registration will close on May 31, 2024.
  • All receipts must be turned in by June 30, 2024
  • All gift cards must be picked up no later than July 15th, 2024.
    • Gift cards will be available for pick up most frequently at 1867 W. Market St, Akron 44313  (see schedule).
    • Offsite card pick-ups will be available on specific days. Schedule of available dates.
    • All gift card pick-ups are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  No drop-ins. Extra gift cards will not be taken to offsite locations.
    • LATE HOURS WILL BE CANCELED IF NO PICK-UPS ARE SCHEDULED BY 3pm THE BUSINESS DAY BEFORE. (i.e. Late hours on May 1st will be canceled if no one is signed up by 3pm April 30th.)
**NOTE: Participants who fulfill all the requirements will receive a Visa® gift card in the amounts described above- NOT a full purchase price reimbursement.**


Resources for Participants

List of scrap facilities used by previous participants.

Buying guide from Clevland Division of Air Quality

End of Battery Life Options


Still have questions? Email staff at or call 330-812-3877.



page updated 04/08/2024