Your need for immunizations does not end when you reach adulthood. The public health nurses at Summit County Public health can help you figure out what immunizations you may need depending on your age, immunization history and health conditions. The tables below contain general guidelines for what vaccine you may need and when you should get them. 

Recommended Vaccines for Adults 

Recommended Vaccines for Adults (By Health Condition)

  • You should get a flu vaccine every year.
  • You should get a Td booster every 10 years. You also need 1 dose of Tdap. Women should get a Tdap vaccine during every pregnancy to help protect the baby.
  • You should get shingles vaccine even if you have had shingles.
  • You should get 1 dose of PCV13 and at least 1 dose of PPSV23 depending on your age and health condition. 
  • You should get HPV vaccine if you are a woman through age 26 years or a man through age 21 years and did not already complete the series.
  • You should get the following shots at the age indicated in the above tables if you did not get them when you were a child: MMR, HPV, Chickenpox, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B.
  • You should get Hib vaccine if you do not have a spleen, have sickle cell disease, or received a bone marrow transplant.


2022 Recommended Vaccine Schedule for Adults 19 or Older