Report a Confirmed or Suspect Case

Laboratory confirmed cases please call (330) 375-2662 or fax us on our confidential fax at (330) 752-7157.

Suspected cases must live in Summit County, Ohio and meet the clinical AND epidemiological criteria to be reported.

Clinical Criteria:

  • New onset of a clinically compatible rash; OR
  • Other clinical suspicion for Mpox.*

* Clinical suspicion may include prodromal symptoms or atypical presentations which, when combined with epidemiologic linkage criteria or other exposure, is deemed to have a higher likelihood of Mpox infection by the clinician.

Epidemiological Criteria:

Within 21 days of illness onset:

  • Member of a cohort (as defined by public health authorities) experiencing Mpox activity; OR
    • Currently this is defined as gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men.
  • Residence in or travel to a country where Mpox is endemic; OR
  • Contact with a dead or live wild or exotic pet animal of an African species, or used or consumed a product derived from such animals (e.g., game meat, powders, etc.); OR
  • Contact with a person or persons, animal or animals, with a suspected or known orthopoxvirus or Mpox infection; OR
  • Contact with items that could serve as fomites that have been in contact with a person or persons, animal or animals, with suspected or known orthopoxvirus or Mpox infection; OR
  • Work in a non-clinical laboratory that handles Mpox virus

If the case meets the clinical and epidemiological criteria, complete the following form to report a suspect case,

If the case does not meet the clinical and epidemiological criteria reporting is not required.

IMPORTANT:  Individuals reported as suspect mpox cases should be told to isolate from others while their test results are pending to avoid further spread.

Individuals who test positive are to isolate until their sores have scabbed over, all the scabs have fallen off and a fresh layer of skin has formed.