Point of Sale

Point of Sale (POS) Program
In Summit County, any residential home that has a sewage treatment system (STS) or a private water system (PWS) is required to have an inspection prior to the transfer of the property. A registered contractor or an inspector from Summit County Public Health (SCPH) must be hired to evaluate the system(s). Applicants who wish to have SCPH perform the POS inspection must submit an application. Please see the SCPH Application Form and list of registered private contractors available on this page. The results of the inspection will not prevent a property from transferring. If significant issues are noted, SCPH will follow-up with the current owner to verify that the systems are not causing a public health nuisance.

What to expect during inspection
Make sure that there is access to the septic tank lids. If buried, lids will need to be uncovered prior to the inspection. The inspection will take approximately 1-2 hours and the inspector will need access inside the home. The inspector will run water to test the flow rate of the PWS, as well as the functionality of the STS.  The inspector will need to have a lockbox code for the property or someone available to let them inside. DO NOT PUMP TANKS PRIOR TO INSPECTION.
***Inspections must still be conducted if the property is vacant and/or does not have running water***

Certain properties may be exempt from getting a POS inspection. All requests must be submitted by the buyer. The following situations may qualify for an exemption:    

  • The STS or PWS had a POS inspection completed within the last two years
  • The STS or PWS has been replaced within the last two years
  • The buyer will abandon the STS/PWS and replace/connect to city water/sewer within 6 months
  • If the property is exempt from the conveyance fee through the Summit County Fiscal Office

An exemption application must be submitted for review. Please send completed application(s) to wqpos@schd.org

Private Point of Sale Inspections
If a private company completes the inspection, they will submit the inspection report to SCPH for review. The report must be submitted using the link below or dropped off/mailed in to our office. The review fee must be paid prior to the review. The review fee is $45/inspection.

Submit a Private Point of Sal Inspection.

Private Point of Sale Inspection Form

Click here to request a property record