Operation Permits

Sep 20, 2018

Summit County Public Health (SCPH) is continuing to implement the statewide sewage rules that went into effect on January 1, 2015. These rules will likely impact most of the 33,000 homes in Summit County with septic systems often referred to as home sewage treatment systems (HSTS).

The 2015 rules require every home with a HSTS to have an operation permit. One requirement of the operation permit is that every HSTS has routine maintenance for the best system function. SCPH began phasing in the operation permit requirement in 2015 with the goal to have every HSTS in Summit County in the program by 2019. Operation permit notices will be mailed the beginning of October for the HSTS scheduled to phase into the program for the 2019 permitting term.

Although this is a change for homeowners with a HSTS, the implementation of these new rules will have a significant and lasting impact on the environmental health and the safety of our community and beyond. The practice and verification of routine maintenance for septic systems will improve surface water quality that has a direct impact on the quality of our rivers, lakes and streams. In addition, these changes will provide added protection of ground water which is the source of drinking water for many residents. As always, public health and safety are the guiding principles for the implementation of this program.

To learn more about our water quality programs or for information about how to maintain your home sewage treatment system, please visit our water quality page or call (330) 926-5600.