Operation Permit

The SCPH Operation Permit program began in May of 2015.  Changes to the Ohio Administrative Code now require that no person shall operate a Home Sewage Treatment System without a valid Operation Permit.  Currently SCPH Operation Permit fees range from $10 to $30 annually.  The goal of this program is to improve water quality in Summit County and surrounding watersheds.

Operation Permit Frequently Asked Questions
Operation Permit Terms and Service Requirements
NPDES Effluent Sample Providers
List of Registered Service Providers
Public Presentation 3/25/15


Request Summit County Public Health Inspection for Operation Permit Maintenance

To request a Summit County Public Health inspection that will qualify for the Operation Permit Maintenance, send an email to WQComments@schd.org and be sure to include all your contact information, as well as your address, in the BODY of the message. You will be charged $65 at the time the inspection is performed. Please note this inspection is a visual inspection only and will only result in a pass/fail conclusion.


Operation Permit System Maintenance Requirements