Need Help with Food?

Apr 06, 2020

On March 30, 2020, Summit County Executive Ilene Shapiro and County Council passed legislation to provide additional funding to the Battered Women’s Shelter and the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank. Both organizations have seen a significant increase in the need for services due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The county awarded $546,150 to the Battered Women’s Shelter to provide family stability case management and homeless prevention services to victims of domestic violence. This is in addition to a previous grant awarded to the organization.

On March 17, County Council approved a $200,000 increase to the existing contract with the Food Bank, in response to COVID-19.  An additional $67,000 was approved last week to provide food boxes throughout the county in support of Summit County Job and Family Services contract with the Food Bank.

“As we live through these uncertain times, Summit County will do all it can to help ensure the basic needs of all our residents are met,” said Executive Shapiro. “The Battered Women’s Shelter, the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank and many other community partners have responded to the great need in our community. We will continue to look for ways to support these organizations and others.”

If you are in need of food, please visit or call 855-560-0850.

If you or someone you know is experiencing physical, emotional or psychological abuse from a spouse or partner, call 330-374-1111.