CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard

Jul 02, 2018

Summit County Public Health and the Employers for Health Consortium are working on a worksite wellness initiative utilizing the CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard. The ScoreCard is a free online tool for employer’s to assess and improve their evidence-based health promotion programs within their worksite. Once registered, employers answer “Yes” or “No” questions in sixteen different topic areas. After the completion of the ScoreCard, employers receive an overall score along with a score in each topic area. This score can then be used to identify gaps where health promotion interventions and resources can be implemented.   

Resources are available for the various topic areas and can be found at  The website provides everything from posters to sample policy templates that can help to improve scores. Also, this page provides access to the CDC’s website to register and complete the ScoreCard, along with video tutorials and instructions.

Over thirty-six Summit County organizations have completed the ScoreCard and are participating in this worksite wellness initiative. We are encouraging more employers in Summit County to complete the ScoreCard in an effort to promote the health of the community.

For more information or questions, please feel free to contact:

(330) 812- 3850 or