What is the GateKeeper Program?

Summit County Public Health implemented the GateKeeper Program to identify older people with suspected or known dementia or Alzheimer's disease who are living alone, have an intellectual developmental disability or have a caregiver in need of support.

At-risk older adults don't always ask for help. There are many services designed to help older people enjoy safe and independent lives, however many are isolated, confused or afraid to ask for help. If they're struggling with early dementia or Alzheimer's , it's even more critical that they receive proper care before their condition worsens.

GateKeepers are everyday workers trained to identify at-risk older adults and caregivers.

what are signs that an older person or caregiver needs help?

GateKeepers are trained to notice the signs that an older person or their caregiver is struggling such as:

  • unkempt appearance
  • strong odors on a person or in their home
  • depression, confusion, or forgetfulness
  • wandering
  • combativeness
  • developmental disabilities
  • caregiver stress
  • financial or social problems
  • neglected yard or pet
  • home that needs repairs

how does the program work?

Once a GateKeeper sees and makes a referral, it is reviewed by a nurse and social worker who discuss the action to be taken.

GateKeeper Brochure