For Service Providers

This section is to be used by Sewage Treatment System (STS) contractors registered with SCPH and by Private Water System (PWS) contractors registered with the State of Ohio.

STS Contractors

Point of Sale Inspectors

Private Point of Sale Inspectors may submit their inspection reports to SCPH for review via the link below, by mail or delivery to our address.

***After 12:01pm on December 27, 2019, payment for each inspection must be made before the inspections will be reviewed or certificates will be issued.***

Once payment is received, reports will be reviewed within three business days. Payments can be made by cash, check or credit card. To pay by credit card, please call 330-926-5600.

Any questions regarding Private Point of Sale inspections or Certificates of Review may be directed to or 330-926-5600.

Private Point of Sale Inspection Report
Submit Private Point of Sale Inspections


These reports must be submitted by the service providers or installers performing the required maintenance inspections.  Completed inspection forms should be mailed to SCPH or emailed
to on no greater than a quarterly basis.