Private Water Systems

Information on Disinfecting Flooded Water Wells

Clean healthful water is a necessity for everyone. Therefore, in areas where there is no municipal water system, private water systems are necessary. Private water systems (PWS) refer to water wells, springs, ponds, hauled water storage and cisterns. SCPH ensures that water safety is maintained through registration of water system contractors, inspections, water sampling for lab analysis, technical assistance, public education and annual water hauler inspections. Staff ensure that well development meets state code requirements to reduce the possibilities of ground water contamination.  For more information on Private Water Systems, please call (330) 926-5600.

Ohio Administrative Code, Chapter 3701-28 - Private Water Systems
Ohio Department of Health - Private Water Systems

Request a Private Water Sample

LOW COST Drinking Water Testing
Does your drinking water come from a well, cistern, spring or hauled water storage tank? Do you wonder if your water is safe to drink? Our lab can test your water!  To have your water tested for bacteria: 

  • Obtain a sample kit from our office (or from a sample kit location close to you)
  • Follow the instructions included with the kit
  • Return your sample and the $10 fee to our office, located at Fairway Center Building C, 1867 W. Market St., Akron, OH 44313

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