Point of Sale (Real Estate) Inspections

Point of Sale (POS) Inspections of Water and Wastewater Systems

Any 1, 2, or 3-family dwelling within the jurisdiction of Summit County Public Health (SCPH) that is served by a Sewage Treatment System (STS) and/or a Private Water System (PWS) must have an inspection on each system before the property can transfer ownership. Homes with a STS must have an inspection done by a registered service provider and homes with a PWS must have an inspection done by a PWS contractor that is registered with the Ohio Department of Health.

Due to the challenges and staffing needs of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, SCPH will temporarily discontinue conducting point of sale inspections as of September 1, 2020. Point of sale inspections are still required on realty transfers and will need to be completed by a private registered contractor.

List of Registered Point of Sale Inspectors

Once the inspections are completed, the registered service providers and private water system contractors will submit copies of the inspection reports to SCPH for review. SCPH will review the report and issue the private company a certificate of transfer review.

For more information please call 330-926-5600 or email wqpos@scph.org

Requesting an Exemption:  Please note that there are separate applications to request an exemption from the point-of-sale inspection for sewage treatment systems and private water systems. Be sure to complete the correct form. When requesting an exemption for both systems on a property, both forms must be submitted. 

     Home Sewage Treatment System POS Exemption Application
     Private Water System POS Exemption Application