Pathways Community HUB

Pathways Community HUB represents a network of care coordination agencies focused on reaching those at greatest risk and addressing their identified risk factors. The model uses 20 Pathways that address the social determinants of health to improve health outcomes. Akron Summit Community Action, Inc. Pathways HUB is replicating an evidenced-based model under mentors and creators of the HUB model, Community Health Access to help improve the health of the community.

How the HUB works

The HUB gathers the multiple care coordination agencies together into an organized team, trains and supports them to identify those in the community at greatest risk, and assesses and tracks each modifiable risk with standardized Pathways. The HUB supports, coordinates, and tracks outcomes for all the agencies that provides the direct on-the-ground, community-based care coordination.

The HUB utilizes community –based coordination by deploying Community Health Workers (CHWs) into neighbors to identify and connect individuals to services to address their needs.  The CHWs work with the care team of that individual and take a lead role in coordinating all of the services to help the individual.  The CHWs work with other care coordinators, social workers, and medical staff from places that the individual is receiving care. The CHWs connect clients with resources and services that they qualify for such as medical care, housing, food, transportation, Medicaid, WIC and other benefits. 

Referrals can be made directly to ASCA’s HUB by calling 330.940.1130

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This project is funded by the Ohio Commission on Minority Health, Ohio Department of Medicaid and local funding.