Living through COVID-19 has been scary for all of us, but especially for those who are pregnant. To help make it a little less scary, Masks for MOMS wants to get reusable cloth face masks to the moms and moms-to-be who need them in the Akron area. The aim of the Masks for MOMS campaign is to ensure that pregnant people and people in labor and delivery have access to face masks at their prenatal visits and when they arrive at hospitals for delivery.

Even though masks do not provide absolute protection from COVID-19, all individuals are encouraged by the CDC to wear masks when they leave their homes. Those attending prenatal care visits in person and moms about to give birth will also benefit from the reduced stress that is likely to come from wearing a mask in their interactions with their prenatal healthcare providers.

How it works

  1. Make a CDC approved mask(s)
  2. Drop-off mask(s) at one of our donation locations
  3. Masks are delivered to local healthcare providers
  4. Masks are provided to Mom’s at their prenatal visit and/or when they arrive at the hospital for delivery

Please call 330-926-5700 for more information.