Wrap Around/Service Coordination

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Wrap Around/Service Coordination

When youth and their families are working with multiple agencies at the same time it can sometimes be overwhelming.  FCFC Service Coordination/WrapAround is a service planning and coordination process that brings everyone to the same planning table and where families are full partners.   

FCFC Wrap Around/Service Coordination is not meant to take the place of traditional case management or service coordination offered by community agencies.  FCFC Wrap Around/Service Coordination offers a neutrally-positioned facilitator that brings together service providers and natural family supports working with the child/family to form a Family Team.  The Family Team meets on a regular basis and utilizes a team approach to planning to ensure services are aligned, streamlined and coordinated.  

The child/youth must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Summit County resident
  2. Child/youth must be age 0-21
  3. Youth at risk of destabilization and/or out of home placement
  4. Multi-systemic issues/needs
  5. Direct involvement in at least two or more of the systems listed below:
    1. Summit County Children Services
    2. Summit County Juvenile Court
    3. Summit County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board (via any local behavioral health agency)
    4. Summit County Board of Developmental Disabilities
    5. Summit County Public School District AND on an IEP or 504 Plan
    6. Ohio Dept. of Youth Services/Dept. of Corrections

Who Can Apply

Anyone can make a referral, including parent and young adult self-referral

How to Make a Referral

  • Agency staff must first consult with their SRC representative to discuss which level of service is most appropriate (i.e. case consultation or service coordination/wraparound
  • Upon approval, complete a referral packet (i.e. Referral Form, Risk Screen and Release of Information) and obtain required signatures (Click here for Referral Form Directions)
  • NOTE:  Parents or young adults self-referring can contact the FCFC Director with any questions or assistance with form completion.  Self-referrals are not required to complete the Release of Information.


  • Submit completed packet to FCFC Director at jhouchins@schd.org  or fax to 330-923-6370
  • It is highly recommended that you confirm receipt by contacting Janice Houchins, FCFC Director at 330-926-5671 or jhouchins@schd.org  


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