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SRC Funding Request for Community Based Services and Supports


Flexible Funding for Community Based Services- short term funding is made available upon application to help fill child/youth ancillary and contingent family needs in which there is no other source of funding and which contribute toward the child’s individualized service plan, stabilization of the family and/or avoidance of out of home placement. 

Purpose of Funding

This resource is designed to provide short-term funding for community based services, supports and/or other interventions identified in a child/youth Plan of Care to promote family stability.  Funding should be requested only when no other funding sources are available to pay for the identified intervention. 

Funding requests for community based services/supports identified on a child/family Plan of Care will be considered when the request is intended to address the following:

  • Prevention of out of home placement / increase family stability
  • Provide staff with resources to develop creative and innovative ways to meet the needs of the families with multi-systemic issues and for which no other funding source is available   

The child/youth must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Summit County resident
  2. Child/Youth must be age 0-21
  3. Youth at risk of destabilization and/or out of home placement
  4. Multi-systemic issues/needs
  5. Direct involvement in at least two or more of the systems listed below:
    • Summit County Children Services
    • Summit County Juvenile Court
    • Summit County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board (via any local behavioral health agency)
    • Summit County Board of Developmental Disabilities
    • Summit County Public School District AND on an IEP/ETR or 504 Plan
    • Ohio Dept. of Youth Services/Dept. of Corrections

Who Can Apply
Staff providing services to eligible children/youth (e.g. family team facilitators, child welfare case workers, CPST workers, probation officers, service and support administrators, etc.

General Guidelines

  1. Requests must be for community based resources
  2. Request must include strategies for meeting child/youth/family need(s) beyond initial funding request.  This resource is not intended to be an ongoing funding source for services and supports
  3. Must be funds of last resort for the service or support for which funding is requested 
  4. Funds cannot be paid directly to youth or their family for goods or services

Preparation of Funding Request

  1. Obtain signed FCFC Release of Information
  2. Complete FCFC Risk and Strengths Assessment
  3. Complete Funding Request Form (pages 1-3) and obtain required signatures (click here for Funding Request Form Directions)
    • Requests should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the desired start date.  Exceptions, in the case of emergencies or other extenuating circumstances, may be given on a case by case basis.
    • A request may not be submitted to retroactively pay for a service or support unless the referring system can make a valid case for extenuating circumstances.  


  1. Submit completed packet to FCFC Director at  or fax to 330-923-6370
  2. It is highly recommended that you confirm receipt by contacting Janice Houchins, FCFC Director at 330-926-5671 or

Receipt, Review and Approval Process

  1. The FCFC Director reviews for completeness and submission of all required forms.
    • If a request is not complete, it will be sent back to appropriate requestor with no further action taken until a complete request is submitted
    • Appropriately completed requests will be added to an upcoming weekly SRC meeting agenda for review. SRC meets on Wednesday afternoons. All requests received before noon on Tuesday will be considered for that week's SRC meeting. Requests received after noon on Tuesday will be presented the following week.
    • Requestor may be asked to attend the meeting to address questions and/or be available via telephone
  2. SRC then reviews request and either:
    • Denies request
    • Requests additional information
    • Approves request
  3. SRC representative will send a  notice of approval/non-approval to referring person along with a copy of the signed request
  4. If approved, the following must occur:
    • FCFC Director works with requestor on purchase and payment arrangements. Options include credit card, agency reimbursement or provider billing.
    • When applicable, requestor sends the approved request to the provider of the service being requested, makes all necessary arrangements for the service or support to be provided and relays invoicing instructions to the provider, as previously discussed with FCFC Director.
  5. Any invoices requesting payment for FCFC must be submitted to FCFC Director at in order to receive payment. All invoices must include:
    • Youth name
    • Date(s) of service provision  NOTE: Services provided outside the timeframe or cost parameters will not be reimbursed. It is the responsibility of the requestor, parent and provider to stay within the parameters of the requested time frame and dollar amount.
    • Completed W-9 (if not already on file)

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