Service Coordination Mechanism


The Summit County Service Coordination Mechanism is a written document that describes how services for youth with complex needs are streamlined and coordinated. 
Click here to download a full copy of the SCM

Implementation and oversight of the Summit County Service Coordination Mechanism is primarily provided by the Summit County FCFC SCM Oversight Committee (SCMOC), whose membership is comprised of the:  

  • Executive Director of Summit County Children Services
  • Executive Director of Summit County Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Services Board
  • Superintendent of Summit County Board of Developmental Disabilities
  • Honorable Judge of Summit County Juvenile Court    

The Summit County Service Review Collaborative (SRC) is a working arm of SCMOC and supports the Service Coordination Mechanism at an individual youth/family level.  SRC members are appointed by and report to their respective SCMOC representative or Superintendent.  SRC membership consists of managers from: 

  • Summit County Children’s Services
  • Summit County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board
  • County Board of Developmental Disabilities
  • Summit County Juvenile Court
  • Summit Educational Service Center
  • Akron Public Schools

Roles and Responsibilities of SRC include:

  • Review funding requests for services and supports to individual children with complex, multi-system needs
  • Provide case consultation from a multi-system perspective to staff from any agency dealing with a complex youth/family/situation and/or system barriers
  • Review individual cases that are in need of more restrictive placement placement settings
  • Monitor the capacity and utilization of resources that support the county SCM

The SCMOC and SRC work closely together to implement and monitor utilization of each service level under the SCM umbrella. 

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