EFHC is a trusted resource for worksite health promotion in Summit County and beyond. EFHC assists its members by providing tools to make their wellness programs succeed, improve employee productivity and reduce the high costs of health care. Becoming a member is free and provides tools to successfully deliver results-oriented worksite wellness programming. Benefits include:

Education and Tools

Access educational materials and tools that will help you start and maintain your employee wellness programs.

Professional Development 

Free educational meetings & professional development opportunities. EFHC holds regular meetings to provide you with professional development opportunities.


Gain access to EFHC membership directory as well as networking events that connect you with other health promotion professionals, employers, and business leaders.

Recognition Programs

Members of EFHC are recognized for their commitment to health and wellness for their employees and in the region.

How to Register

Membership is free. To register, employers must complete a brief registration form and the CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard. The ScoreCard is a tool that assesses how evidence-based health promotion strategies are implemented at a specific worksite. Data from the ScoreCard provides important information to ensure limited resources are being used well.  For an employer, use of the ScoreCard establishes a baseline evaluation that tracks improvements over time, allowing employers to more effectively direct resources to support employee health and well-being. For the region, aggregate data show shared challenges and weakness in worksite wellness efforts. This information is especially informative when paired with other mortality and morbidity data. An employer’s data are confidential and only accessible by the employer itself and the CDC. Summit County Public Health has access to aggregate data from multiple employers only.

Registration Form

Instructions: Please complete the following form first and then the CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard questionnaire second. For employers with multiple sites, you can complete the form and ScoreCard for the entire company or for each worksite. Once both sections are completed, membership will be confirmed by e-mail. Should you have questions completing either, please call 330-812-3850 or email

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Click here to complete CDC Scorecard