About Us

Employers for Health Consortium (EFHC) is a group of forward-thinking Akron-based employers working collectively across industries to improve the health of its workforce and the community. It was formed on September 15, 2017, at Summit County Public Health’s annual Champions for Wellness Conference, with key partners including Goodyear, Gojo, SummaCare, Greater Akron Chamber, Summit County Public Health, the City of Akron and Summit County. Summit County Public Health administers this initiative.

Its mission is to improve workplace wellness in the region by providing information and tools, professional development, and networking opportunities.

EFHC services help business members and the region achieve:

  • Cost-effective and high-quality worksite wellness solutions;
  • A healthier workforce that is more productive in their individual jobs, thereby creating better worksite performance;
  • Involved and resilient employees who can efficiently meet the challenges of balancing today’s work and family environments;
  • Worksites that are the best places to work; and
  • A culture of health.

EFHC provides the following services to promote the use of wellness programs in the Greater Akron region:

  • Information and tools for all-sized employers to design, implement and assess their health and wellness efforts;
  • Professional development opportunities and forums for idea sharing and mentorship;
  • Networking with leading worksite wellness professionals;
  • Aggregate data reports showing what evidence-based health promotion strategies are being implemented within worksites across Greater Akron, insights on the status of regional workplace wellness, and corresponding development and implementation of initiatives responding to demonstrated gaps and challenges; and
  • Recognition awards and promotion acknowledging employers committed to health.

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