School FAQs

(Page last updated 08/10/21)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What changes have been made to quarantine guidelines since last school year?
    • Please review the Ohio Department of Health's Guidelines for Quarantine After Exposure in K-12 Classroom Settings  by clicking here.
  2. Are daily temperature checks still required for staff and students?
    • Concerning temperature checks at the door, the most recent CDC guidance is for a home-based symptom monitoring system. Caregivers will look for symptoms prior to students being sent to school. "CDC does not currently (as of 8/3/21) recommend routine (or daily) school-based COVID-19 symptom screening of all students. However, students should not attend school when they are sick."
    • In cases of students with chronic conditions with symptoms similar to COVID-19, the caregiver should look for changes in symptoms or new symptoms.
  3. What is recommended when looking at different types of activities (pep rallies or other group events)?
    • Current CDC and Ohio Department of Health recommendations are universal and do not change based on event. In all indoor school circumstances, the following strategies are recommend:
      • Universal masking - especially among the unvaccinated
      • Social distancing
      • Sanitation
      • Ventilation
    • In general,  mask use is not necessary when outdoors. However, in areas of substantial to high transmission the CDC recommends that people who are not fully vaccinated wear a mask in crowded outdoor settings or during activities that involve sustained close contact with others who are not fully vaccinated.
  4. Are masks required on school buses? 
    • Yes. Passengers and drivers must wear a mask on school buses including buses operated by public and private school systems. Learn more by clicking here.
  5. Why has no mask mandate been issued for schools? 
    • Wearing masks to reduce disease transmission is a longstanding public health principle. In collaboration with Akron Children's Hospital, Summa Health & Cleveland Clinic Akron General,  an advisory was issued on Aug 3, 2021 that stated we recommend all persons in the school setting should be masked. (See advisory here.) Masking, along with other transmission prevention strategies are strongly recommended.

      Ohio Senate Bill 22 prohibits public health from issuing any order that would be a blanket order for the whole population.